Baron Lvxe

Space, Luxe and
a Certain Point of Exclusivity.

Rising in San Juan by 2024

The Baron LVXE is a 23-story structure that will rise in San Juan’s quiet neighborhood. Every element, in addition to its sleek and comfortable look, has been carefully selected to match any lifestyle.

Baron LVXE is a low-density building that redefines the feeling of exclusivity, with just 6 to 7 units per level. Homeowners enjoy a master-planned living environment, a relaxing retreat for young families, and exclusive access to our finest facilities.

At Baron LVXE, you may swim in the pool, relax on the roof deck, or give your children their own place in the play area, all while living in a Beyond Ordinary house where the custom is the height of luxury.

Baron LVXE

The Metro's True Center

Located at 528 M. Marcos Avenue, Brgy. Maytunas, San Juan City. Is a low-density residential area perfect for raising a family in a safe and serene environment. The Baron LVXE is only a few kilometers from schools, hospitals, and a variety of food options and enterprises along P. Wilson Street and Guevarra Street.

The Baron's Legacy

With Beyond Ordinary developments all around Metro Manila and the Philippines, Wee Community Developers, Inc. has been altering the real estate scene. It grew from a modest niche developer in 2008 to the multi-award-winning real estate company it is today. Through creative ideas and well-thought-out projects motivated ultimately by client happiness, the firm continues its tradition of developing beyond conventional homes.

Baron LVXE
Baron LVXE
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Why Choose San Juan City?

You’ve probably heard enough of San Juan City by now. After all, it is home to one of the country’s most prominent retail complexes. If you’re seeking for additional reasons to live in San Juan City, you’ll be astonished at how many things you’ll enjoy about this urban jungle. Aside from its accessibility.

San Juan City is also a destination for amazing culinary establishments, one-of-a-kind events, engaging lifestyle centers, and much more!

What are some of the benefits of living in San Juan City?

  1. Central Business District of Metro Manila
  2. The location of the most prestigious schools
  3. Shopping Location
  4. Doing Fun Activities
  5. Exciting Dining Location


Central Business District of Metro Manila

If you live in the South and have friends in the North — or vice versa — the discussion over which Metro Manila middleground to meet up in is surely not new. Your pals would most likely try to persuade you that Quezon City or Makati City are the genuine midpoints.

But if you’re wise enough not to give in to their demands, you undoubtedly already know and appreciate that San Juan City is the genuine center of Metro Manila. No, this isn’t a ruse to persuade you to come here; it’s a reality confirmed by a government official.

In 2019, the National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (NAMRIA) conducted research and concluded that San Juan City is the only geographical center of Metro Manila.

Tell your pals about what you’ve learned the next time you’re arguing about it — and don’t be shocked if you find yourself wandering the streets of San Juan more frequently.

The Location of the Most Prestigious Schools

San Juan is also a good place to start and raise a family. Putting San Juan City at the top of your list if you want to start a new life in Metro Manila is possibly the finest decision you can ever make. Why? Because it is home to some of the country’s most prominent educational institutions.

Assume you purchase a home in Greenhills. What do you think? You’re just around 20 minutes away from schools like Xavier School or Immaculate Conception Academy if you walk – and that’s just on foot.

Being near the finest schools in the country is a handy decision, especially if you want to save money on commuting while also providing your child with the education they need.

Shopping Location

Greenhills Shopping Center is self-explanatory. There are no words to express how popular this shopping center is. After all, this is the first mall that comes to mind when people think of incredible deals and very low prices.

Going to Baclaran or Divisoria may not appeal to you, which is why Greenhills is the perfect option. If you investigate every nook and corner of this retail complex, you’ll undoubtedly discover hidden treasures such as reasonably priced but completely functional electronics, fashionable reproductions of your favorite high couture brands, or adorable thrift apparel.

Locals have almost grasped the layout of the mall. If you’re simply passing through, prepare to spend many hours roaming around and window shopping at the numerous stalls and exhibitions housed within the building.

Doing Fun Activities

It’s Saturday, and you’re planning activities to make the most of your short weekend. Looking for enjoyable activities? Even if you only travel a few feet outside your San Juan City house, there are guaranteed to be enjoyable and unforgettable activities around every corner.

If you wish to learn archery, simply go to the Archery Academy, which is only a 5-minute walk from Greenhills. The Archery Academy, located on the 5th floor of the Intrawest Center, is where archery aficionados, pros, and amateurs come to refine their abilities or pick up a new passion.

If, on the other hand, a leisurely stroll seems more enticing, then pay a visit to the Santolan Town Plaza. It’s an open-air area where restaurants and other businesses have set up shop. Consider Eastwood Citywalk or BGC’s Venice Grand Canal.

Exciting Dining Locations

Food. How can you overlook food when looking for a place to live? While you may have all the other conveniences at your disposal, they are meaningless unless you have the opportunity to fill your stomach and delight your taste senses with an excellent dinner.

The good news is that you can discover almost every type of food in San Juan City, including Japanese, Filipino, Italian, Chinese, Korean, and many more.

For example, when at Addition Hills, enjoy Tomo Japanese Dining’s authentic Japanese options. If you go about, you’ll come upon a cherished local Italian culinary staple like Francesco’s Kitchen.

The Big Idea

There are so many reasons to reside in San Juan City that it’s impossible to mention them all. You must witness it for yourself. This is the spot where people from the North and South may actually meet halfway. More than that, it’s packed with mystery and a plethora of exciting findings and activities.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t start investing in real estate in San Juan, since it’s one of the most accessible areas of the city. Learn more from your favorite Property Source PH certified real estate agents! To contact them, please use the button below.

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