Baron Lvxe is one of the promising luxury condo around San Juan in Metro Manila, and aside from being family oriented, unit C is becoming popular for starting couples and singles alike. We think this is because of its entry level price tag of around ₱9M and if everyone will look at it, it is quite at par to the value it offers. Unit C gets a whopping total area of 80.62 sqm that also includes balcony. For a bachelors or single ladies this is a steal considering this condo will be built in San Juan, a city known to dwelled mostly by rich people. Check the layout here and see if it fits your lifestyle.

Owning this piece of property/home is easy as anyone could reserve this online and there is no need to form in a line. We also conduct Zoom presentation and you can talk to us via WhatsApp too. Inquire with us today

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