Live Beyond the Ordinary: Where Luxury Ascends in San Juan’s Tranquil Neighborhood.

“Quiet neighborhood, spacious layouts, luxurious amenities, and prime location—this is truly an exceptional package!”

Peaceful & Exclusive.

Nestled in San Juan’s tranquil enclave, Baron LVXE epitomizes modern elegance. With meticulous design across 23 stories, it offers exclusivity with 6-7 units per level. A haven for young families, it boasts opulent amenities including pools and a rooftop deck, redefining luxury living. Baron LVXE is the 5th condo of “Baron” line of condos in San Juan.

Experience Life in the community

Feauture-rich Amenities.

Customizable living area

Bigger Cuts for the Space You Need.

The 5th Baron gets bigger and better.

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